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Exercise Improves Quality of Life In Breast Cancer Survivors

ladywiththumbsup jpg 0Some of the serious side effects experienced by female breast cancer survivors is a subsequent decrease in quality of life as well as an overall lingering fatigue. Past research has found that cancer survivors are able to successfully counteract these symptoms through participation in aerobic-type activity including walking, jogging and involvement in other cardiorespiratory activities. A new study now finds strength-building resistance weight training similarly shares these same beneficial outcomes. In the study, one group of breast cancer survivors participated in three 90-minute exercise sessions per week consisting of resistance exercises for the body. Another group of breast cancer survivors simply continued on with their lives as usual. Women involved with resistance training showed significant improvements in quality of life as well as a decrease in fatigue. Those women continuing on with life as usual showed no improvements whatsoever.

Source: International Journal of Sports Medicine, July 2006.